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Ransomware Incident Response

ransomware incident response service
  • My files were encrypted by ransomware
  • Can I recover my files from ransomware?
  • Is there a Ransomware recovery service?
  • Where can i find ransomware decryptor?

We can help you recover your files from ransomware encryption fast and with a very high success rate.

What is Ransomware Encryption?

Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts your files using a strong encryption algorithm so you cannot access them.

This means that only the hacker has a way to unlock your files in most cases.

But the problem is that many hackers are incapable, cannot be trusted, can blackmail you and you can never be sure if you will get the solution if you pay them.

It would be much easier if there was a 100% success rate when doing business with hackers, but this is not the case.

That’s why Tictac Cyber Security has developed a unique approach to this matter.

Can my files be decrypted without the hacker’s help?

Sometimes yes, but this is not the case most of the times.

But there are methods that can be used to save your files and our team can help you research all possible ways to recover your files without the hackers’ help and if all fails, then we can discuss the next steps.

But even if you decide to pay the hackers you should know if they are trustful or not, because most of the time they ask for huge amount of money, paid in Bitcoin.

What we have seen is that if your company handles the communication with them and the execution of the decryptor there are many cases that end up badly.

We offer a holistic approach to Ransomware that will help you get back to business as quickly as possible and also protect your infrastructure in the future.

What is Ransomware Incident Response?


FREE Ransomware Incident Assessment

Lets see how we can help you:

  1. You start here by reporting your ransomware incident to our team for a completely free assessment and consultation call from our cyber security experts team.
  2. After we study carefully your submission we will inform you on what are the available options we have and what our strategy is.
  3. If your infrastructure is complicated, we might as for an additional Zoom or Skype Conference with your team.
  4. It’s very important to NOT contact the hacker and NOT do any action on the endpoints rather than shutting them down and disconnecting them from your network.

Data Recovery, Digital Forensics & Protection

Our team will use Cyber Security and Data Recovery Experts to consult you:
  1. We will talk with the management
  2. We will talk with the IT department
  3. We will coordinate simultaneous tasks in order to keep all options open, even the option to pay the hacker, but it will be your choice in the end if all else fails
  4. We will ask you if you want to know how and when the attack happened. In that case we will perform Digital Forensics in your infrastructure.
  5. We will ask you if you want to protect your current assets, given the fact that the hacker might be still inside your network.
  6. According to the selected actions that will be chosen by the management we will move forward.

Ransomware Removal & Monitoring

Its very important for some steps to be executed in specific order:
  1. We will take care of your backups of the existing infrastructure, because you don’t know if another hacker can use the same path to jump in.
  2. If you chose so, we have the capability to install protection and monitoring agent software in your premises, in order to identify any new threats that might wake up
  3. We will remove the malware and guarantee that it will not run again while we are helping you recover your business.
Documentation & Reporting for your Insurance Coverage

If you already have a Cyber Security Contract, then you are in good hands since almost everything will be covered by your Insurance Contract and we will guarantee that everything will be documented for smooth processing of your claim.