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Wizer: Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Is Cyber Security Awareness Training for me?
  • Why do i have to educate my personel for Cyber Security?
  • I am just a small business, which hacker will target me?
  • How will I take Cyber Security Training Courses?

If you are wondering why you need Cyber Security Training, then in this page you will find the answers.

Click on this link to start your free Cyber Security Training

What is Wizer Security Awareness Training?

Wizer Free Security Awareness Training includes everything you need to train your employees how to protect themselves against cyber attacks.

Yes, it’s 100% free forever with over 20 free videos, quizzes, employee progress reports, and much more.

Additional special training such as HIPAA, GDPR and Phishing simulation are offered as paid add-ons.

We believe the key to creating a security culture is that people should gain personal benefit from security awareness training, therefore we also included Free Kids and Family Security Training.

Sample Videos from the Cyber Security Training Course