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What is the Cyber Security Rating of your organisation?

You may be wondering the following regarding your infrastructure:

  • Is there a way an organisation can check daily its cyber security score?
  • Would you like to perform an external Vulnerability assessment yourself?
  • Is there a requirement for daily monitoring for open source intelligence vulnerabilities on your organisation?
  • Would it me nice to check your cyber security score for your organisation?
  • Do you have leaked passwords in your company?
  • You need a tool that will check daily how prepared you are for a cyber attack?
  • Can you predict Cyber Attacks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Security Scorecard is the product you are looking for. With this Software as a Service platform you will be able to check daily all your external network vulnerabilities.

Also you will be able to see all the information that a hacker can see in order to start an attack on your network.

It is the perfect solution for constantly improving your defences against cyber attacks.

Why an organization needs to check its cyber security score?

  • Every 39 seconds a new cyber attack occurs in organisations of any size.
  • The cost of cyber attacks is estimated about 6 trillion dollars annually, causing financial damage, reputation damage and digital assets loss.
  • Your organisation needs to have visibility on its external cyber security posture.
  • There is a need for a better way to constantly observe and monitor your external cyber security overview.

Your IT department can improve your external cyber security profile day by day using this tool.

Check the video below to understand how it works.

Your cyber security score provides visibility to the management

Security Scorecard provides a full cyber security posture of your organisation. Through cyber security rating, we provide an intelligent platform that consists of ten security factors that evaluate your organisation.

The total Security Scorecard outcome calculates the cyber security score for your organisation based on the following 10 categories:

  1. Network Security
  2. Dns Health
  3. Patching Cadence
  4. End point Security
  5. IP Reputation
  6. Application Security
  7. Cubit Score
  8. Hacker Chatter
  9. Information Leak
  10. Social Engineering

Our software gathers public data and assess the company’s cyber security standing through these ten factors.

The level of information given in Security Score Card is really amazing. It will help both the Management and the IT team of the organisation, by providing full visibility of all the security gaps in the outside perimeter.

Security Score Card is a web platform that collects public data and takes no intrusive actions. It is a fully transparent solution and its objective is to give every company visibility for its cyber security status.

Mention that checking an organisation cyber security score is not an intrusive task. It is based on open source intelligence, that is available publicly and is collected and filtered in a way that removes false positives.

It reflects the rating into these ten factors because they are perceived to be the most important for a data breach. In conclusion, this tool is a very important asset for your organisation.

Vendor assessment tool

‘’Atlas’’ is Security Scorecard’s vendor assessment tool.

With Atlas every organisation can check his Vendors’ cyber security posture from which many times the danger is high for a cyber attack.

Many organisations use third party software and exchange critical information without knowing their cyber status.

With Security Score Card’s Atlas you can send all types of questionnaires (HIPPA, Nist, Iso 27001).

You can also follow up all the information given and of course watch the analytical security information into the platform.

Advantages of Security Scorecard

By using Security Score Card an organisation will gain full visibility 24*7*365. The tool makes many assessments all year long for all the companies that are rated.

An important fact is that the reporting for Management is designed to be understood by non technical people. It can create a bridge with the IT team providing them all the necessary information to move forward.

You can use the alerts tools to get immediate reminder as soon as a score changes for you or for some of your vendors. You can also correlate with your major competitors in the analysis report tool.

Furthermore, the reports for the IT Management of the organisation is a roadmap for improving the problems.

Since it provides specific steps to alter the rating and of course strengthen the cyber security posture.

Through the full analysis that you get from the tool, you can find information that will help you create a better strategy for your organisations cyber defences.

You can use the alerts tools to get immediate reminder as soon as a score changes for you or for some of your vendors.

You can also correlate with your major competitors in the analysis report tool.

Where can I find more information about my cyber security score?

Tictac Cyber Security team will help you understand and use Security Scorecard.

Furthermore we will work with you in order to understand how you can protect from a cyber attack.

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Security Scorecard Overview

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