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CyFIR: Digital Forensics Platform for incident response

CyFIR - Fast Digital Forensics for Incident Response
  • I want to know if a hacker is inside my network
  • I want to find out data leaks
  • I want to know how the hacker got inside my network
  • I want to know how a hacker got inside my infrastructure?
  • Do you want to perform Ransomware Digital Forensics on your organization
  • I want to perform digital forensics inside my organization

CyFIR digital security and forensic analysis solutions provide unparalleled endpoint visibility, scalability, and speed to resolution.

With the use of this software you can perform detailed digital forensics to find out what is happening inside your infrastructure.

Within 3 days, using CyFIR tools our forensics investigators will reply to the following questions:

  1. How the hacker got in your network in the first place?
  2. How much time the hacker was inside your infrastructure?
  3. What was the endpoint that was compromised?
  4. What data was exfiltrated by the hacker?

What CyFIR software can do for my organization?

  • Discover and react to cyber threats missed by other layers of defense
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of any active or potential breach
  • Combine tools and talent to address ongoing cyber challenges
  • Evaluate running processes on every endpoint in near-real-time
  • Perform remote triage and forensic analysis, evidence capture, and incident remediation
  • Analyze activity without impact to business or network operations
  • Guard against data breach intrusions, zero-day exploits, and insider threats
  • Reduce the cost and labor of internal investigations, eDiscovery, and other enterprise search needs
  • Designed by experienced practitioners serving Federal Law Enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and Fortune 500 companies

Digital security and forensic investigation capabilities provide modern enterprises with a wide range of benefits, such as detecting malware and security vulnerabilities, conducting internal investigations, eDiscovery, protecting intellectual property, and more. Executing these enterprise-wide tasks depends on technology that provides visibility at scale and trained investigators with the experience to know what to look for. CyFIR’s state-of-the-art platform and team of experienced forensic specialists help organizations manage a wide range of enterprise search and analysis tasks to save money and reduce the potential damage of cyber incidents.