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Cyber Security Services for VIP, Executives and Celebrities

Why VIPs need Cyber Security Service?

High net worth individuals or people who are popular or are they key person to hold confidential corporate information are great targets for Hackers.

In fact today’s cyber criminals devote days or even months observing your environment without being noticed and hop from computer to computer until they reach the key person who is the primary target, from whom they can either get the data or blackmail.

This is because when they successfully enter your computer and lock someones files or leak private information they can request huge amount of money to stop doing so.

But why shall I request a personal cyber security service?

Take a moment and think of the most important digital assets you may have on your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or external drive.

These can be Private Photos, Secret Contracts, your Financial Statement or even your secret bank accounts or even important data from your company that you only have access to.

Now imagine there was a magic way that a malicious person had access to this data for an unlimited time, without you even notice it.

Imagine that he could see your private files, copy those files to his own computer and then delete this information forever from all your devices.

What if your important files (like contracts, secret deals, income statements, private photos, financial information) get into the wrong hands?

What if he could not even delete this data, but also be able to leak this data to the internet Anonymously in order to destroy you.

Not because you are  a bad person… but because he doesn’t like your success or because he is a competitor.

Or even worse, he could do that in order to request from you anonymously money that he knows you have in your bank account.

Now let’s forget about the “magic way” the malicious person used to get access to your computer and lets come to reality.

Right now there are hundreds of “magic ways” to enter someones personal computer, get unlimited access to their digital assets, create a mess and then blackmail him.

Welcome to the world of Cyber Crime, which happens today in millions of companies and individuals.

What is VIP Cyber Security?

In a few words, its the service that protects you from Cyber Threats, Cyber Criminals and information loss or leakage.

Our VIP Cyber Security auditing starts with determining your Digital Assets, their location and their protection levels.

Then we will determine what are the paths that someone can use in order to access and infiltrate those digital assets.

Finally we proceed on protecting them against cyber theats, using special software, proceedures and training.

Who needs VIP Security services?

Everybody needs training and protection plan on Cyber Security Awareness, but especially people who have a high net worth, are popular or store confidential or important data on their computers should have one extra reason to request our services.

More specifically the following categories of individuals are the ideal clients for hackers, and for our services:

  • Celebrities
  • High net worth individuals
  • Executive members
  • CEOs
  • People that have special access to a big organization


The Internet of Things (IoT) is enriching our lives with automation conveniences by eliminating simple tasks such as adjusting the thermostat and turning off the lights.

As these creature comforts bring a new digital zen to our lives they introduce a risk that most who use these gadgets are not prepared for.

Using analog devices (devices not connected to a computer network) is the only foolproof way to stay secure in the IoT world.

Anything that you connect to a computer network becomes a potential security risk.

This strategy of living “off the grid,” works well if you are really paranoid or not interested in digital features.

For those of us craving the latest technology, living securely “on the grid,” is a more practical solution.

The old dishwasher without a Wi-Fi connection works great, but why live with just that when the new model tells your phone the dishes are clean and automatically orders more dishwasher soap from Amazon.  Taking advantage of these new IoT features and staying relatively secure is possible with these recommendations.

When selecting an IoT enabled product, chose a vendor with a strong track of dedication to cyber security.

Take a look at the vendor’s website that produces the IoT device before you purchase it and ask several critical questions.

  • Do they address cyber security or product security on their website?
  • Do they have track record of software updates to address potential vulnerabilities?
  • Does the device have any industry security certifications?
  • Do they have an emergency response process and team that quickly responds to any potential security vulnerabilities?

Don’t see anything on their website?

Give the vendor a call and see if they can address your security questions over the phone.

If you are finding the manufacturer is in the dark about cyber security, you probably should consider a different vendor.

Stay away from product manufacturers that are not addressing cyber security head on.

An additional resource to examine is the US National Vulnerability Database, this database lists products and publicly known security vulnerabilities for those products.

Being listed in the database is not an indicator that a product is not secure, having a patch to the listed vulnerability is what matters.

Perform a keyword search of the database the product name or manufacturer you are considering.

If you find a vulnerability for your product, verify the references in the listing point to a patch for the security issue.

Once you have purchased a product ensure you set it up properly.  First, make sure the home network hosting your IoT device is secure.

You should consider the following before connecting the new IoT product to your home network.

  • Use a hardwired Ethernet connection if possible rather than Wi-Fi
  • Implement strong Wi-Fi encryption, called WPA2 encryption on your wireless router
  • Create a strong Wi-Fi password for your WPA2 wireless network
  • Ensure the administrator console of your router is not accessible via the Internet
  • Update your Wi-Fi router with the latest software updates
  • Turn on router log-in email notifications, if your router has this option
  • Create a separate and segmented SSID for your IoT devices, if your router has this option
  • Block traffic from crossing between your IoT device SSID and other SSIDs, if your router has this option

The next step is to setup and configure your new IoT device to take advantage of its security features.

The security features of every device will vary but these are typical security hygiene features we recommend that you setup on your IoT device.

  • Download the latest software security updates for your new IoT device
  • Configure the device to automatically update when new updates become available
  • Enable Two Factor Authentication for your log-in credentials, if your product has this feature
  • Create a strong password for logging-in to your device
  • Turn on log-in email notifications, if your device has this feature
  • Enable logging on your IoT device, if your device has this feature

To further advance the protection of your IoT product, we recommend using a next generation firewall to protect your home network.

We stress this to our customers as it provides an additional line of defense and assists in identifying anyone trying to compromise your IoT devices.

This is especially important if you have a higher risk profile.  Consult a cyber security or IT professional to have one implemented.

Make your house a smart home but do it securely and enjoy the automatically adjusting thermostats, lights, locks, appliances, TVs and devices that are yet to be invented.

Start exploring the world of IoT today knowing that you have taken the right steps to stay secure.

Cybersecurity Products and Services


Device Protection

Macs, Windows and Androids – Real-time protection 24/7 managed with the latest threat intelligence and defenses. Includes next-gen antivirus, intruder prevention, data-loss protection, browser controls, applications controls, and more. Protection is enhanced with artificial intelligence for optimal protection.

Private Email

Systems built for email user experience and security, not information-mining and scaling. Includes SSL encrypted webmail, personal help portal, advanced spam controls with machine learning, and more. Private email accounts for VIPs reclaims ownership of the users personal information. Fully compatible across email platforms, yet exceptionally secure. Office 365 and other upgrades including email encryption are available.


VPN’s for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows and Macs – automatic encryption everywhere, all the time. Works on public WiFi’s around the world. No IP tracking, global server access, best-in-class protection used by large enterprises and mission-critical operations.

Managed Network and Wifi Security

For fixed networks, like homes and offices. Protects the LAN network, WiFi, and all connected devices, including IP security cameras, “smart” electronics and appliances, and all internet connected devices. This service represents the next-generation of cybersecurity efficacy and application.

Digital Vault

Real servers in a highly secure facility in Zurich to hold financial, legal, healthcare and other electronic documents not suitable for the cloud. Desktop and mobile apps make access easy and flexible, but highly secure at all times. Includes beneficiary features for document and privileges.

How We Work

All of our solutions are best-in-class and operate in “managed” real-time for optimal cyber-protection at all times.

Our operating system is “open” to incorporate forthcoming advancements in cybersecurity and innovation in protective technology.

No long-term contracts, commitments, or protocols.

We provide VIP clients a concierge-level of service and support that is unequaled anywhere in the industry.

Cyber Risk’s Weakest Link – the Human Element

One of the primary benefits of using digital security solutions with VIP support and service is the parabolic increase in crucial factors such as:

  • Risk Awareness
  • Behavioral adjustment
  • Ability to think critically about digital risk and personal information
  • Enhanced adaptation skills

Along with best-in-class cyber security solutions using AI and advanced sciences, we introduce best-practices and tips for greater practical understanding and application.

The combined experience advances every VIP client with the critical skills they require for survival and success in the new digital age.

Cyber-security-as-a-service coupled with VIP concierge service is a valuable solution for anyone with anything to lose in the digital age.

To learn more about our cybersecurity products and services, for you or your clients, please contact us: