Blockchain Forensics – Find Stolen Bitcoin

Blockchain forensics - Find stolen Bitcoin Investigation
  • My bitcoin have been stolen!
  • I have lost my bitcoins
  • Can I track ransomware payments in bitcoin?
  • Can I catch bitcoin thieves?
  • An investment company stole my bitcoins from Binance, can I retrieve it ?

We can help you track bitcoin transactions, find thieves and perpetrators and issue an order to the exchanges to freeze their funds once they reach an exchange to Cash Out.

Our blockchain forensics investigation platform

Through our platform we can reply to the following questions:

  • When did the bitcoin hack happened?
  • Which bitcoin addresses the funds went to?
  • Did they involve bitcoin mixers?
  • Have the involved funds taken to an online exchange?
  • Have the bitcoin funds been cashed out?

Blockchain Forensic Investigations in the Bitcoin Network

Our team consists of  blockchain Forensics experts that can help any Bitcoin financial crime.

We can track bitcoin transactions throughout the Blockchain and come into important conclusions regarding the cash out of Funds.

How we can help you claim your bitcoin funds back?

The short answer is maybe yes. It all depends on where the funds have been taken to.

80% of the bitcoin thieves take the funds to an exchange as fast as they can, so you must act fast.

Using our team and advanced blockchain forensics tools and platform we can help you issue a legal order to freeze the stolen or hacked bitcoin funds on the day they reach the bitcoin exchange.

So when the hackers or thieves go for the cash out, you can freeze the funds and then along with our legal deparment we can issue a freeze funds order to the exchange.

After that point it’s up to the exchange to comply (in which reputable exchanges usually do if we provide our report) and return the funds to you.

Contact Us if you have stolen or hacked bitcoin funds

If you have paid ransomware or you have been a victim of bitcoin fraud and you have lost a serious amount of funds then please Contact Us so we can make an initial Zoom meeting with your team so we can start the process as soon as possible.

Regarding the blockchain forensic investigation costs we must mention that we are only involved in funds that are over 70.000$.

For smaller amounts our service is not cost effective.

You can contact our Blockchain forensics expert team here.