Cyber Security Services

Tictac Cyber Security offers a variety of Cyber Security Services
and depending on your infrastructure we can do an assessment
to identify the services according to you needs.

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Ransomware Incident

We can help you recover your files from
ransomware encryption fast and with a very high success rate.

Managed Cyber Security Services

If you are searching for quality IT Support & Cyber Security services so you can focus on your business and not on the problems of your IT infrastructure…

Penetration Testing

Get ahead of attackers with our pen testing services, giving you a real-world view of your vulnerabilities with strategies to strengthen your security.

Cyber Exposure & Cyber
Risk Posture

Tictac Laboratories handles Cyber Exposure and Cyber Risk Assessment as part of our services for organizations of any size and even individuals.

Blockchain Forensics – Find Stolen Bitcoin

We can help you track bitcoin transactions, find
thieves and perpetrators and issue an order to the exchanges to freeze their funds once they reach an exchange…

Business Email Compromise Investigation – BEC Scam

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a technique used by an attacker that allows him to gain access to a business email account and then he starts imitating the identity…

Data Recovery

Our data recovery laboratory is situated in Athens, Greece and its the most experienced Data Recovery laboratory in Greece which started operations since 1995.