Cyber Security Awareness

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Benefits of Using Roboform

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  • Should employees have basic Cyber Security knowledge?
  • Have you trained your staff to deal with cyberattacks?
  • In what ways can you provide proper Cyber Security training for your staff?
  • Are you becoming an easier target for hackers when they realise that you don’t have a comprehensive Cyber Security training plan?

Why is it necessary to follow a Cyber Security Employee Training Plan?

A business that possesses basic Cyber Security knowledge is a step further from a potential cyber attack.

Staff must have the appropriate training in order to identify and understand the existence of a relevant threat.

As it is true that human error is the main factor that puts a business in danger in cyberspace, a well-designed Cyber Security Awareness Training program can minimize such a risk.

A training program should teach e.x. safe internet usage habits and include ongoing training.

Cyber Security Awareness Training is mentality!

An important tool that could prevent potential cyber threats is to train staff on Cyber Security Awareness.

More important is how employees will change their mindset and attitudes towards Cyber Security.

It is only in this way, that staff will perceive mis-behaviour mainly due to a lack of basic knowledge.

So, a company should choose a continuous and effective Cyber Security Training plan for its staff.

With ongoing training, your staff will always be aware of new emerging threats.

What should be the frequency of Cyber Security Employee Training?

Hackers attack any business regardless of size, as the human factor is the weakest vulnerability in an organization.

It is a fact that human error is the main cause of about 95% of successful cyber-attacks.

Therefore, a company must regularly provide its employees with the latest news in the field of Cyber Security.

In this way the staff will be able to identify new threats and enhance its Cyber Security Awareness.

Basic Tips before choosing a Cyber Training Method

The most important challenges for Cyber Security are the new emerging threats and the existing ones that are constantly disguised.

So, an employee must be able to identify a threat in order to deal with it.

The IT Department is not the only responsible for identifying and dealing with threats.

Cyber Security Training is addressed to every employee, not only corporate members, as hackers are trying to find any weak spot to get inside the organization.

A complete Cyber Security Employee training must be dynamic, interactive with attack simulations moving from Cyber Security theory to practice.

What Should Cyber Security Training include?

Beyond general knowledge on Cyber Security, every business should focus on its customized vulnerabilities while training the staff. In any case, the training should include all employees regardless their position in the organization.

  • Every employee using a computer should be able to identify threats that can result in great damage for the business.
  • They must learn how to use safe internet practices.
  • Employees will be able to deal with potential hacker attacks only if they know who the enemy is.
  • Staff that works remotely – especially during the covid-19 period – should not use open public Wi-Fi, as it carries risks for password and data interception.

In general, Cyber Employee Training should Be Ongoing.

Even if everyday life has been simplified due to technology, the constant information and training on developments of Cyber Security tools and on new emerging threats is a new challenge for every company.

When a business looks for the best Cyber Security Awareness and Training Plan for its staff, it should focus on the change in behaviour.

All staff should be cpmpetent to perceive the true nature of the risks in Cyberspace.

What solutions for Cyber Security Training exist?

You can choose one of the options below to start your employee Cyber Security Training Today: