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Let us Protect your Digital Assets from The Unknown

Have you been Hacked or your files are encrypted by Ransomware?

Is your network safe from hackers?

Tictac Laboratories is a Cyber Security company that helps organizations that have been hacked or that want to protect themselves against cyber threats and data loss


Cyber Security Services

 Tictac Laboratories started as a Data Recovery company in 1999. We have helped thousands of organizations and individuals recover their critical data from damaged Hard Disks, RAID Systems, Servers, Mobile Phones and other storage media such as Smart Cards and USB Flash devices. Since 2017 we created a separate Cyber Security & Incident Response Department to help our clients Protect their Data from Hackers and Cyber threats.

Tictaclabs Ransomware Decryption Services

Fast Ransomware Decryption Service

We can help you recover encrypted files from Ransomware attacks fast, detect the breach and secure your network from future Cyber Threats

Best backup & disaster recovery by Tictaclabs

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Don’t rely on manual or deprecated Backup methods. We can help you secure your data with automation & security as priorities

Tictaclabs Cyber Security Greece

Holistic Cyber Security Services

Let us test your infrastructure for security holes so you know (before the hackers) if you are vulnerable or not… Then let’s secure everything.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hundreds of Cyber Security Incidents handled successfully

We have handled hundreds of Ransomware incidents with all infrastructure, including backups being encrypted. We have helped in many other cases such as: Business Email compromise scams, Sextortion cases, Cryptomining incidents, hacked websites, leaked corporate classified documents from malicious inciders, stolen Gmail or Corporate accounts, Spear phishing attacks, failure recovering backups after disaster and much much more. Our team can help you recover from business interruption, data loss or cyber security threats.


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Avaddon Ransomware

Avaddon Ransomware

Who is Avaddon Ransomware? Avaddon Ransomware first appeared in June 2020 and has remained a prominent threat since then. It was present in Russian-speaking hacking forums as an offer of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). Both the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)...

No more Fonix Crypter?

No more Fonix Crypter?

Who is Fonix Crypter? Fonix Crypter, like STOP, was discovered by Michael Gillespie. Its first appearance took place in 2020, but  it began to retire at the end of the same year. It is believed to be of Iranian origin and even its advertising on the dark Internet is...

When STOP is DeJa VU!

When STOP is DeJa VU!

Who is STOP ransomware? STOP is the most popular ransomware since Dharma. Indeed, a malware researcher Michael Gillespie discovered it. Its first appearance was in December 2017. Although the exact number of STOP victims is unclear, some 116,000 cases of infection...

Let's Work Together on Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not a single software, its not even a simple training, its a process. The risk your organization is facing by not taking proper measures is huge and can cause crucial business interruption, critical data loss or data leakage. 

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